Accreditation Advice

UNILINC has more than 30 years experience in library and information service provision in higher education.

We have worked with new higher education providers in developing library and information services and in implementing quality and continuous improvement processes.

We can assist you with the accreditation process. We can work with you in addressing requirements relating to library and information services, such as Guidelines for the registration of non self-accrediting higher education institutions and the accreditation of their course/s (relating to National Protocols A and B).

Library Provision

We can help you establish a library and develop services that suit your finances and stage of development. UNILINC is known for its practical approach to the provision of library collections and services. We are also known for our commitment to quality and sustainability. We can do the following for you:

  • provide the systems necessary to deliver services and manage resources
  • help you create links with other libraries and advise on interlibrary lending
  • help find staff and select and order material at discounted rates
  • manage and operate your library for you

We have worked with the libraries of non self-accrediting higher education institutions to assist them in implementing continuous improvement processes as part of their regular operations and also to help them prepare for quality audits, specifically those undertaken by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.

UNILINC has developed tools to assist libraries in their quality improvement endeavours and to enable benchmarking with comparable libraries. These tools comprise:

  • a client survey designed specifically to meet the needs of libraries in the private higher education sector
  • a statistical survey which encompasses the basic data reporting requirements for any library but is also relatively quick and easy to complete

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