Rules and Conditions

UNILINC Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme Rules and Regulations


The aim of the UNILINC Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme (the Scheme) is to improve access to library materials through the introduction of reciprocal borrowing rights. Such rights will allow users of one institution to borrow material from other institutions.

In the case of academic institutions, they are expected to provide the basic materials necessary to the courses of study at that institution. Involvement in this scheme should not he used to justify the mounting of new courses of study.

Members will participate in the scheme only to the extent they feel they are able to do so without disadvantaging their primary users.

In the first instance all UNILINC libraries were invited to participate. Subsequently member institutions have been able to nominate other libraries for inclusion in the Scheme. As UNILINC membership includes academic libraries, government departments, school and public libraries, this encompasses a wider range of libraries than existing schemes elsewhere in Australia.


Member Institution: Any member institution participating in the UNILINC Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme.
Please find a list of participating members here.

Home Institution/Library: The institution/library where the borrower is either currently enrolled or currently employed as a staff member.

Host Institution/Library: A host institution/library is any one of the member institutions which extends borrowing privileges to registered users of the other libraries in the Scheme.


3.1 The head Librarians of UNILINC decide the policy with respect to the Scheme. UNILINC Office provides co-ordination.

3.2 Membership of the Scheme commences when documentation is received committing that institution to participate in and to observe the requirements of the Scheme. This documentation is to be sent to UNILINC Office.


4.1 All members may participate to the extent that they are able to do so.

4.2 Full participation will be extended to non-UNILINC members who agree to abide by the principles of the Scheme.

4.3 All libraries will make available to their users information on the Scheme.

4.4 No library in the Scheme need alter its own existing loans procedure and policies in order to participate.

4.5 Privileges of the Scheme may be extended to all currently enrolled borrowers and all currently employed staff of the participating institution.

4.6 Each lending library must be responsible for informing reciprocal borrowers of its rules and regulations. Variations should be circulated to all member institutions.

4.7 Each academic institution is expected to provide the basic materials necessary to the courses of study at that institution. The existence of the Scheme should not be used to justify the mounting of new courses of study.

4.8 Home institutions must agree to indemnify the host institution for any late, lost or damaged materials.


5.1 User to agree to abide by the rules of host libraries.

5.2 The identification card used in the home library will normally provide access to borrowing privileges in host libraries.

5.3 Some libraries may require that the user produce a letter from the home library recommending that the user be granted borrowing privileges. This letter can be used in any participating library and should therefore be retained by the user.

5.4 Items borrowed must be returned to the host library.


6.1 The reciprocal borrower must be a registered borrower of the home library.

6.2 The reciprocal borrower must agree to honour the regulations of the host institution/s, return publications by the due date or upon request of the host library pay any charges for late returns, lost or damaged items, and notify the home and host institutions at which she/he is enrolled as a borrower of any change of address.

6.3 Failure to honour these responsibilities may result in the borrower being suspended from borrowing from both the home and host libraries.

6.4 Borrowers must agree to reimburse the home institution for any debts discharged by the home institution on the borrower's behalf.


Each participating library will provide to participating institutions and to UNILINC Office information on opening hours and on special conditions using the Information form below.


Click here to download the Indemnity Form.

Click here to complete the Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme Information Form.

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